How to Choose a Market for your Online Course

The biggest mistake most creators of online courses make is that they first create a course and then start looking for customers. What you want to do is the opposite: find customers first and then create products that solve problems and needs. This way selling will take care of itself: if your product solves a problem, people who have the problem will gladly give you money. This is why even online courses should not be about just content and education but should also be about customers, their needs, wants and problems.

When thinking about markets, start with your personal story, your personal affinity. Most likely, you already belong to a certain niche or a subculture. You may be interested in off-grid and green living. It is also possible that you own a motorcycle or are a runner. You may be a fan of some TV Show, be it Dragons’ Den or Seinfeld. All of these markets and niches have unique problems and needs that you may be able to help solve because you are already a part of the market.

Next, you want your market to have a certain size. Unless the prospective buyers of your online course would be willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars per course teaching what you have to offer, you want your market to be big enough. If your market has thousands of buyers, then you can make a good living even selling an inexpensive product to them. A market needs to be big enough to make it worth to create a course for it, yet at the same time it needs to be distinct enough for your product to offer specific solutions to specific problems.

Once you identify your market, you need to think about the trends that are occurring in it. Is your market growing or shrinking in size? What about its members? Are they getting younger or are they getting older? All of these factors will have an impact on the success of your online course.