Online Learning and Competition

Online learning is a trend that has been growing significantly in the last several decades and especially several years. Online learning offers a lot of benefits to both students and teachers. Both students and teachers can be located anywhere in the world. They can also work according to a schedule that fits their lifestyle.

A stay-home mum can enrol in an online learning class and work on the homework, watch the videos and study the materials whenever she can, be it really early in the morning, very late at night or when she has breaks during the day. Something like this was not possible without the Internet because the person needed to go to a class, spend time on the road and possibly in the traffic and attend classes according to the school’s schedule.

While online learning does have a lot of benefits, it also comes with a set of unique challenges. When a person visits a real, physical, offline school that has buildings and professors, he or she will probably pick one of the schools that are located close to home or work. The number of such schools will be very limited. While most areas in Western countries typically do have several Universities or Colleges within a driving distance from one another, the number of such Universities is very limited. There may be two, three, five or seven colleges around. When someone is looking at schools online, they are not limited by geography. They can look at as many schools as they like, be it ten, twenty or a hundred.

This is something that a lot of schools and individuals selling online education don’t understand. There is much more competition when a person is sitting in front of the computer screen browsing websites on the Internet than there is when the same person is talking to a live human being in a one-on-one conversation.