Online tips for playing roulette

I am going to assume if you are here right now, that you know the general rules of roulette but you want to become better at the game. Knowing the rules are one thing but the following tricks and tips might make it more useful for you. Whether you are playing at an on land casino or on twitter for mr green casino online, these tips should still apply.

Tips for online roulette

  • Unless you are feeling super lucky or you have a huge bankroll to play with, stick to mostly outside bets in order to build that bankroll the way you want to. This means betting on red and black, odd and even, and 1-19, 20-36.
  • Start off with the smallest bets you are able to before increasing this number as you get more comfortable with the game and your bankroll starts to slightly increase.
  • Try out different strategies including Martingale and Paroli. You can discover a little more about how these systems work online and you can even find videos of people trying them out on websites like YouTube. While these are not fool proof, they should be quite effective in providing you don’t hit your table limits which is possible.
  • Keep your cool if you are on a losing streak. This happens but if you feel your emotions are getting the better of you, stop playing.
  • If you do decide to bet on certain numbers because you have been winning for a while, spread your chips over several numbers rather than just sticking to one. This is going to give you more chances of winning because you are covering a big area of the bored. If you are betting on a cluster of numbers, you have to be committed to this bold move and increase the value if you can afford to do so every time you get a loss.